Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Julie Mehretu

Julie Mehretu was in town for the "Cosmos: A Group Exhibition" reception at Crown Point on Friday night. Her new prints, The Residual, and Unclosed are the centerpiece of the exhibition. She signed prints in the afternoon, and when that was done signed there was time to talk and nibble.

A girl could get lost in these prints.

It looks like Kathan Brown is tossing pixie dust, but she's showing Julie Mehretu's lovely sister, Neeshan Mehretu, Tom Marioni's Taking Flight.

If anyone is in Williamstown, MA, you can catch Mehretu's City Sitings at Williams College Museum. City Sitings started out in Detroit - it's a chance to see 11 of her monumental paintings at once. This is just one of them:

Grey Space (distractor),
Julie Mehretu 2006.

If you can't make it that far, come back and see the new prints again and watch the video interview , which is great.