Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Together Again! 871 Fine Arts & Crown Point Press

Crown Point Press and 871 Fine Arts are neighbors again!

871 Fine Arts (bookshop and gallery) takes its name from its original address, 871 Folsom Street. Crown Point Press shared the same address until the 1989 Loma Prieta earthquake wrecked the building and kicked everybody out. Since then, 871 Fine Arts has anchored at 250 Sutter Street and 49 Geary Street. Adrianne will open downstairs at 20 Hawthorne in mid-October. See Kenneth Baker's Chronicle review of the final show at the 49 Geary location here.

Your blogger looked in to see how the unpacking was going and met the proprietor Adrienne Fish's sister who was here from New York to help put books on shelves. She has an art history degree herself, and was taking just an occasional peek between the covers.

The first stack that caught my eye had Mark Rothko, Isamu Noguchi, Barnett Newman, Gerhard Richter, and leaning temptingly on its side was a charcoal cloth bound volume on Yoko Ono that I am going back to see, and maybe buy, later. You can preview the collection at the 871 Fine Arts

Look at all those shelves.

Blogger Amy Ione took note of the move on her interesting blog about cognitive research and art. denizen Barb B., of San Jose, CA said, "This place is a gem! Every time I go in here, I come out with at least 3 books. We came out with six (!!!) tonight! I had been looking for books on avant-garde artists from Japan (Gutai) and lo and behold...of course this place had some. I had been looking for this old book on triptychs as well and there it was!!"

Make time to come see this gem for yourself.


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