Tuesday, November 07, 2006

The Man Who Had Power Over Women

In my last email to the Magical Secrets list, I asked people who have blogs about making art to send me a link to their sites. I got some great responses! One was an artist named Randel Plowman who lives in Northern Kentucky. On Randel's blog, "A Collage A Day," he posts images of collages he makes, one for each day of the year, and sells them for $25 each. He's been doing this since August of 2006 and is still going strong. I liked his collages so much, I bought one myself. Here's the one I picked. It's called "Birthday Boy."

I think this collage is so strange and pretty. There's definitely a menacing undercurrent in the words he uses, but the cut-up watercolor keeps it light. I like how the size of the text subverts its meaning: the man is the one who has the power, but "WOMEN" is the largest word in there.

If anyone else wants to share the site of their blog with us, please do in the comments below. Crown Point Press is committed to our community of artists and art-lovers. The more dialogue we have, the better!


Blogger Papierflieger said...

Hi, I learned about Crown point press through the UK magazine "printing today" where the "Magical secrets" book was featured. I rank this book among the top 5 on art and creativity that I ever had in hands.

I live in Germany and run a small artist "handpress". I do monotypes after landscape drawings I do outdoors. Currently I work on a ca. 12 month project since April this year called "Stadtlandschaft Stuttgart" (urban landscape Stuttgart). I seek the direct encounter and try to find out what properties it has. Is there really a new modern type of "total" landscape growing in and around the cities and what qualities does it have and how does it match with our traditional image of landscape etc. ?
I document this project on 2 blogs one showing the progress of the monotype prints and the other one showing the drawings in my sketchbook.

I appreciate the effort of crown point press to communicate about your work with artists and about contempory art in general.I was delighted to receive your overview on John Chiara`s Landscapes today with the great essay by Dena Schuckit. Thank you for that inspiring reading.

10:56 AM  
Blogger Eastjewels said...

Hey Crown Point Press....I got here through Randal Plowman's web site and I think this is wonderful that you promote artists the way you do. I am a retired art teacher and I live in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. I have benn an artist all of my life and now I get to do art all day-every day. It is awesome. I have always been a realistic pen & ink, pencil and watercolor artist, but taught applied design to high school age kids which led me to other art forms, like Altered Art, and book making and journaling. I have been "stretching" and pushing the envelope of my creativity, with the help of my muse, the last couple of years. I have a website and a blog if you would like to take a look. http://jewelsoftheeast.blogspot.com I definately enjoy being a comtempory artist in 2007. Thanks for all you are doing with your blog and filling a big void that has been needed for a long time.
Linda East

3:02 PM  
Blogger artsology said...

I hope you'll check out my art blog, www.artsology.com/blog/, where I cover visual art and jazz.

8:05 AM  
Blogger Unknown said...

My salute to your fine blog and a note of thanks to Mr. Plowman, an outstanding ambassador for fine-art collage. I showcase my own work in the medium at The Collage Miniaturist — http://www.xorph.com/jadixon/ — where I regularly share rumination on juxtaposition.

5:53 PM  

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